In the drafting of the Mortgage Act, texts such as «alternative georeferenced graphic representation» and «georeferenced coordinates» appear in several paragraphs of the article series that compose it. The purpose of this article is to explain from the modern Geomatic Engineering, which is the meaning of these terms.

Graphic representation

Article 10.1 of the Mortgage Act states that:

Article 10.

– The basis for the graphic representation of the registered properties will be the cadastral cartography, which will be available to the Land Registrars.

In the Descriptive and Graphic Certification of Land Registry there is always a map with the sought-after plot and the adjacent plots. This map is an extract of all the Cadastral Cartography of the national territory. In other words, «graphic representation» is simply a map or land registry map, which represents the plot subject to the right on a piece of paper.

So what is «geo-referenced graphical representation»?

Alternative georeferenced graphic representation

«Other alternative georeferenced graphic representation» means that another plan must be presented with the same properties as the land registry map, in which the plot or estate must appear with the corrected geometry.

And not only the corrected geometry, before any modification of the property or inscription of a new property, in the graphic representation must appear the symbology that represents the differentiating spaces of use and attributes of the land registry plot that identify the subplots according to the land registry regulations.

What is it for?

– To know the accurate description of the register properties with regard to their location, delimitation and surface area.

– To integrate the graphic representation in the description of the property in the Land Registry, which is compulsory in the inscriptions of new properties in the Registry, and elective in the rest of the cases.

– Updating or correcting cadastral mapping and other land registry data that is outdated or incorrect.


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